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jung 03/16/03

Do you want to invite your people?

Hello all.

Minimal Sites is an invitation only community.
Right now, only admin can send out invitations.

I wish more great people/designers/developers get involved with our community, and I’m thinking of giving our members a permission to invite their people.

What do you think?
Should I set a limit?
5 or 10 invitations only??? or no limit?
Please give me some feedbacks.

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sebnitu 03.20.2010 - 01:59 #1

I’d definitely like to invite some people. Mostly local designers / developers, but all the same.

As far as the limit, I’d think in the range of 50 (thinking of gmail).

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jung 03.22.2010 - 09:14 #2

Working on invitation system right now. All you will get 10 invitation to start.

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sebnitu 03.23.2010 - 00:29 #3

Very cool, thanks!

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apankrat 03.24.2010 - 19:09 #4

I think 50 is an overkill, even 10 is kind of pushing it. The reason being is that the lower the number the more selective the inviting person is going to be when giving the invite away.

If you are up for a challenge, Jung, perhaps code the invitation system so that it would automatically issue more invites if the previous ones were put to a good use. Meaning that the invited person came back to the site, say, at least once in the second week after being invited. Or something along these lines.

Great idea though. I know several people who would fit here nicely.

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nick@nick-harri... 03.29.2010 - 13:44 #5

Hi Jung,

Nothing to do with invites but something to add to your list.

I don’t check the site everyday and wondered if you could do a facebook sty-lee thang were you receive an email when something new is posted or said.

Hope that makes sense.


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infrastruktur 10.01.2010 - 16:19 #6

Hey Jung,

User invitations are a great way to expand any community. I was just thinking that as I logged in today.

I think that 2 invitations for a user with a certain amount of minimum uploads and/or comments is a good way to start.

You could add 2-5 invitations to user accounts with a certain amount of minimum activity, so that invitations are incentive-based and rewarding traffic generation on your site.