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Kha Hoang 03/22/03

How minimal should a portfolio site be?

When I was designing my own portfolio site, I was struck by this question.

Should my portfolio site be as simple as possible, and let my ‘design personality’ shown through the work.

OR should the portfolio site be the ‘design personality’ I want to show?

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ANSQERON 05.01.2010 - 03:42 #1

It should definitely have your désign personality, it should describe you and your work and your view towards désign.
Just keep it simple ;)

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infrastruktur 10.01.2010 - 15:56 #2

The focus should not be on style as much as usability, and presentation. I find that too many folios look nice and simplistic, but are a pain to figure out how to navigate. Just imagine the reaction of a potential employer or client, especially those who are not advanced web users. Would the simplicity and minimalism used serve any purpose, if they couldn’t figure out how to surf through projects, or contact the designer? Stuff to think about.