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jung 12/28/12

Let's say hello

Hello all.
I’m Jung, graphic designer.
Glad to see all you here.

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Aen 01.14.2010 - 12:48 #1

Hello Jung.

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dbushell 01.14.2010 - 13:55 #2

Hello everyone!
Very honoured to be invited to minimal sites - one of my favourite design blogs :) I’m a graphic designer, currently working in web design and front-end development.

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eclectica 01.14.2010 - 15:27 #3

Hi Jung, everyone,

Thanks for the invite, much appreciated! My name’s Mark, I’m a web developer and designer from Devon, UK, and I also run a personal design/visual arts blog, Eclectica.

I visit this site a lot for inspiration, it’s a great resource; also loving the new design and extra functionality!

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Typojungle 01.14.2010 - 16:52 #4

Hi Jung!
We’re very glad to be members of this awesome website…love this resource :)

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kevinhamon.fr 01.15.2010 - 04:21 #5

Hello all.

I’m Kevin Hamon, a web & graphic designer.
Only 1 year of design school, I prefert learn by myself, read books & travel far away from my contry (France).

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tateyama 01.14.2010 - 23:07 #6

Hello everyone, My name is Shinichi Tateyama.
I’m honor to invited Minimalsites.
Minimalsites is one of my favourite design portal site, Greatly it has been touched off.

Please visit my site, if you please: http://www.blackwaterdesign.jp/

(Sorry, Im not good at English…)

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jg9 01.15.2010 - 04:39 #7

Hey thanks for the invite. I’m Jamie, a Freelance Graphic Designer from Southampton.

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Hollis Duncan 01.18.2010 - 04:00 #8

Glad to be invited to join minimal sites. Thanks Jung.

I recently relocated to Barcelona from New York, where I began my career working for Paula Scher at Pentagram. I design all things print, ranging from book covers, posters, identity systems and logos to editorial illustrations, packaging and ephemera.


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Benjamin Ds 01.15.2010 - 16:40 #9

Hello x)

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apankrat 01.15.2010 - 19:32 #10

Hi, guys.

Jung, adding public stream of submissions is an excellent improvement to the site. I think it should liven up the site considerably.