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jmarc 01/15/01

how was it working with drupal?

for some reason, I was thinking the previous site was built in wordpress? I could be wrong. if that was the case, just curious your thoughts on your decision to work with drupal - and was wondering how you enjoyed the process…

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jung 01.16.2010 - 01:58 #1

The previous was also powered by Drupal. It was Drupal 5.
I like Wordpress and ExpressEngine as well, but Drupal is my favorite because of its community and flexibility.

Some people are saying that Drupal is not easy, but I would never agree with that.

I guess I just got used to it. Everytime I try other CMS, I’m coming back to Drupal.

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jung 01.16.2010 - 02:05 #2

If anyone want to know what modules i use, let me know.

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jmarc 01.21.2010 - 09:53 #3

hey jung

I would be interested to know which modules you used. I’ve never really worked with drupal (only wordpress) but have started messing around with it. seems very different, but intriguing. thanks!

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jung 01.27.2010 - 13:48 #4

Sorry for late response.

Here is a list of the modules used. This is not a complete list, but most major modules are included.

- Drupal 6.15

Content types
- CCK + extra field modules(Link, Email, File, Imagefiled)
- Flag
- Imagecache
- Taxonomy (included in Core)

- Views
- Contemplete(Content Templates)
- Foundation Theme

Feed aggregation
- FeedAPI with SimplePie parser

- One page profile
- Imagecache Profile

Forms (contact, submit, request invitation)
- Webform

- Search Lucene API

- Meta Tags (AKA Nodewords)
- Global redirect
- Path Redirect
- XML sitemap
- Pathauto
- Page Title Module

- Typogrify
- Better Formats
- Transliteration
- Invite

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pax 01.30.2010 - 19:13 #5

Thanks, I’m starting to dig intro Drupal myself. Wordpress came naturally form the beginning but currently I’m deep into panel views taxonomy chaos :)

So thanks for the hand.

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PTcampbell 02.16.2010 - 18:37 #6

Hey Jung, first post here.

May I ask what forum / discussion board you are using? I have had a go at using Advanced Forum for my first Drupal site. It seems adequate but not particularly flexible and outputs in tables.

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jung 02.17.2010 - 10:21 #7

It is just a CCK content type with taxonomy terms.

I used Views to list topics and also used comment related modules(Comment permissions, Comment automatic title, Flat Comment) and custom comment-.tpl.php.

I used Advanced Forum module for some projects before, but I didn’t like it that much because of the outputs.

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PTcampbell 03.18.2010 - 21:10 #8

Hey Jung. Thanks for the info. I think I’m going to try what you have done instead of fiddling around with Advanced Forum and an old version of Drupal.

Do you have any pointers or reference about creating forums like this using CCK? Also how did you make the job board?

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sebnitu 03.20.2010 - 01:53 #9

Hey Jung,

Love the site man! You did an awesome job with it.

I’ve recently started studying Drupal so thanks for listing the modules you use. Once I get more proficient with the framework, I’ll definitely be using it over WordPress.

Again, thanks and awesome job!